#iPhoneless Experiment – 15 signs you’re addicted to your iPhone

You won’t realise how much you are depending on technology until you brutally face its absence.

I used to consider myself a conscientious user, even reluctant to change some cosy old-fashioned status for new tech-savvy ways, just to do the same-damn-thing.
In fact I still struggle with embracing my Kindle 100%: my bag is heavier now, carrying Kindle and books at the same time, no matter what.

I was in denial. More than I could suspect.
I found myself being a guinea pig of an unintended experiment, so called #Iphoneless.
It comes the day in a Londoner’s life when you simply cannot avoid passing by a only-for-tourists area. You tried as much as possible, from time to time offering debatable options, however at some point you have to compromise yourself and go down deep into the damn crowd.

Little Digression – I used to love feeling lost in the crowd (weird, right?), crossing all kind of different faces and styles, feeling part of a melting pot of moods and minds and colours, and smells… no, I wasn’t drunk all the time, just really, really trying to see the bright side of my way to work every single morning.
Then the general anxiety grew on me and I started feeling as everybody else: being part of the cast of Walking Dead, just without soundtrack.

So it came for me the time to face the big deal.
Portobello Market. On Saturday. After lunch.
What I thought would never happen to me, eventually did and my iPhone has been stolen from my pocket.

My friend was truly impressed by my steadiness and my genuine aplomb.
I actually believed that myself.
As said, I thought I was not so depending on technology, but just someone who knows when and how to use it at pleasure.

Mark Renton, Cristopher McCandless, Trainspotting, Into the Wild

Well, it took me few hours to realise that I was closer to Mark Renton from Trainspotting than Christopher McCandless from Into the Wild, when it comes to define the relationship with my iPhone.
Because my iPhone was my addiction.

At first I was like “Actually, I don’t need it”, which really sounds like “I can quit whenever I want” statement. And then I realised I’ve put my data, notes and all little daily things on the damn iPhone. I was officially out of the world.

How I felt

Vulnerable – Like a knight without his armour. No callings, no texts, no Google, no City Mapper to help me out. What’s happening around me? How do I get there?

Not creative – Searching for inspirations, taking notes, planning and nurturing new ideas. How can I feed my brainstorm?
Photography, after writing, is my big love. I can’t take my camera with me all the time and iPhone has always been a reasonable compromise, sometimes a more discreet catcher of right moments. How do I do that now?

Jack Shephard, Lost series

Lost – My alarms (don’t tell me you manage to wake up with just one alarm, you liar!), my reminders, my contacts, all gone. And no jungle or Jack Shephard around me.

Stupid – After all, that was the deepest feeling, and also the saddest. How did I put myself into this? How dare I rely on my iPhone for everything?

And I know you’re now thinking “Well, it ain’t me, babe!”

Are you sure?

You might be in denial as I was, or perhaps you’re right, living an healthy relationship with your iPhone/smartphone.

To face the truth, here are 15 signs you are addicted to your iPhone.

1) Your phone is constantly in your hands. When you’re walking, talking to friends and family, when you’re watching TV, when’re you’re at the pub, theatre, concert, on the train, on the bus, on the lift, in queue and obviously in the toilet.

2) You don’t wake up unless your phone goes off.

3) You don’t know what time is unless you check on your phone.

4) You don’t know where you are unless you check on Maps.

5) You don’t know where to go unless you plan your journey on City Mapper or similar.

6) You open the calculator, because you trust your phone more than your brain (and maybe you’re right), even when it comes to 2 + 2.

7) When in stand-by, you unlock your phone trying to find something to do with it.

8) Your outdoor and social life depends on your phone battery. Generally, under 20% it becomes quite risky staying near you.

9) Your kindness with strangers depends on their phone charger availability. Better not be the iPhone 4’s one!

10) Your definition of nice place (restaurants, cafes, pubs) depends on free Wi-Fi access.

11) Also it depends on available sockets.

12) Your social network apps don’t need to refresh because they’re always open. Like, always.

13) You select clothes and bags based on their pockets: you don’t want them to be smaller than your phone, oh hell no!

14) For everything you do without using your phone, you’ll find a break to check it out, regardless.

15) If you forget your phone at home… wait, that’s not gonna happen!

If you’re positive to more than 7 signs, well, perhaps it’s time for you to re-consider your daily routine.
Since I have been #iPhoneless I decided to treasure my time, spending valuable hours without digging my brain into my beloved phone screen. I found out that I still can be creative and organised, probably even more human. I can still breathe, I’m alive! Can you believe that?!


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